brendanponderingA vocation is not a career or a job.

A job is employment that puts bread on the table.

A career is something I want to do because it looks rewarding.

A vocation is something else.

A vocation is a work that I feel I am meant to do. It’s a work of service. And something deep in me says, ‘you should offer yourself for this service’, or ‘this work is for you.’ Quite likely the work will not appeal to you. It might even frighten you or sicken you. There are many stories of great people who have tried to escape this ‘voice’ inside them. But the feeling will not leave them alone. There is no peace until at last they surrender and decide to follow where it leads.

This is the experience of many many ordinary men and women who have ‘tried’ or ‘tested’ their vocation. They come tentatively and unsure, only because they feel they must. A vocation is a ‘call’ from within me, from God who is within me. It’s a call that needs to be answered – if I want to regain my inner peace.

To be a priest (either diocesan or religious), a sister or a brother, is without doubt, a vocation.

The calling may be challenging to you, but, if it is truly our Lord who is calling, then have courage. He doesn’t mess us around. Little by little, you will find a life full of meaning, profound ‘rightness’, peace and satisfaction awaiting you. Have you ever sung a hymn, ‘Here I am Lord’? These four words are from the bible. They are the best response. It’s a good beginning.

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