Welcome to the Marist Seminary

International Formation for Priests & Brothers of the Society of Mary

The Marist Life

Marists prefer to work where the Church doesn’t exist or where it is not strong. For that reason they are often out on the ‘boundaries’.

Being a Seminarian

Training occurs in stages. The first stage is Accompaniment. The purpose is to clarify together, or ‘discern,’ what God might be ‘saying’ to this young man.

Vocation & Discernment

A vocation is a work that I feel I am meant to do. The calling may be challenging to you, but, if it is truly our Lord who is calling, then have courage.

Got questions about the Marist seminary?

Learn more about what it means to be a Marist Seminarian.

Scripture & Prayers to help you discern

It is in times of quiet contemplation of the Scriptures that you are most likely to hear ‘the call’ of God. View the Scriptures section on our Discernment page for more info.

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"We should insist on the existence of love, the power of sacrifice, the importance of redemption and salvation."Seminarian Hemi Ropata SM wrote an captivating article for Evangelion - sharing the truth in love. This article is about transubstantiation and how we can talk about the existence of God through the language of love. You can read his article here: www.evangelion.co.nz/.../atheism-and-the-love-of-god✨ The Evangelion Blog ✨ "The answers to all of the questions that modern society asks itself – what is love? What is honour? Is sacrifice a good thing? Can I be a good person? The answers to all of these questions can be found in God, yet our culture manufactures them in the media we consume as if that will fill the God-shaped void in our soul."On this week's blog, our newest blog contributor Hemi shares about transubstantiation and how we can talk about the existence of God through the language of love. Read his article here: www.evangelion.co.nz/post/atheism-and-the-love-of-god#EvangelionBlog #Transubstantiation #LoveLanguage #SharingTheTruthWithLove #CatholicBlog #CatholicBloggers #CatholicWriters #CatholicCreatives #Article #Eucharist #ChristianBlog #CatholicConnect #MaristBrother ... See MoreSee Less
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"The celebration of the Eucharist symbolizes and develops union with Christ and their brothers. It should be considered the high point of each day." (Society of Mary Constitution 121)Here we see our Marist active in ministry!Lunchtime Mass has made a comeback and we had three Priests celebrating today:Fr Hayden Powick, Fr Matt Crawford, Fr Pat Brophy.Also, congratulations Fr Hayden on your Ordination to the Priesthood. ... See MoreSee Less
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