A Day in the Life

musicMonday – Friday

6.30am Meditation in the Chapel (Most days with Eucharistic adoration. Now and then with faith sharing.)

7.15am Morning Prayer (Divine Office) and Community Mass

8.00am Breakfast

9.00am- 5.30pm

We have 12 hours of lectures a week at Good Shepherd College. It is a normal university workload. The rest of the time is spent on assignments or study, keeping up with designated jobs around the house, formation meetings, liturgy preparation, keeping fit or going to the gym, sometimes praying the Rosary together, and generally keeping the house running.

We also spend 3 hours a week on a pastoral assignment. Examples of pastoral assignments are: working with children who have learning difficulties, helping at a soup kitchen or drop in centre, working in a first communion or confirmation program in a parish, or at a Catholic school, etc. These are training opportunities for the student, but also a small contribution to the church’s mission.

5.40pm Evening Prayer (Divine Office)

6:00pm Dinner

7.00 – late. This time is given over to study, watching TV, spiritual reading, a community meeting, a Marist life meeting, and whatever else you might be interested in. There is also the chance to meet for supper at 9.30pm if you want.

On Fridays, the Mass is at midday with all students and staff at Good Shepherd. The evening is free. It is a good time to go out.

Not all books and prayer, Marist seminarians at keeping tidy the grounds of the seminary.

Not all books and prayer, Marist seminarians at keeping tidy the grounds of the seminary.


Saturday is a free day until 6.30pm. In line with the Church’s tradition, we begin Sunday at that time with Evening Prayer.

Sunday – the Lord’s Day

This is the ‘feast day’ of each week. It’s built around the three Divine Offices which are sung (Saturday Evening, Sunday Morning and Sunday Evening). After Evening Prayer on Saturday, there is dinner and a social evening among the students. Sunday Morning Prayer is after breakfast. For Mass, we attend a local parish. We generally go to Sacred Heart in Ponsonby, St Ben’s, or to St Patrick’s Cathedral. The midday meal is festive, the afternoon free, and Evening Prayer finishes the day at 6pm.