What is Spirituality?

Spirituality can be definedĀ as the way in which prayer influences our behaviour and manner of life. Spirituality is a means where prayer, guided by the Holy Spirit, leads us to new life in Jesus Christ and as a consequence to relationships with other people.

Within spirituality, this quest for Christ, there are spiritualities – particular expressions of this one spirituality. We can talk of Franciscan Spirituality, a focus on Christ who was poor. We can also talk of Jesuit Spirituality, a way of seeing God in all things. The same can be said of Marists, we too have a spirituality, a way of uniting themselves to God and neighbour.

Marist spirituality could be summed up as uniting people to God through the example of Mary. Put another way, Mary’s presence in the Church and her fidelity to her Son, Jesus, is what Marists try to achieve through their spirituality.

Like any spirituality, Marist spirituality is a huge area and cannot be summed up over a few places. However, there are some key aspects that we can touch on.